A Detective of Nature 

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Eagan, Minnesota 

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Think Spring

Updated May18th.,  2023 

William Gillis

Untitled photo

Artist Statement

 My visual esthetic centers on an Interpretation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Macro and Landscape photography.

The goal is to offer a creative vision presenting natures vibrant colors and details often unseen by the casual observer.

In my view, giving the viewer an opportunity to place themselves in the scene before their eyes creates an emotional connection they will remember.  That is the goal I try to achieve with every image presented. Whether it is successful or not is the question you as the visitor must answer for yourself.

To present images from a different point of view than most photographers is extremely difficult. I combine multiple exposures of a scene into one image, adjust color, contrast and sharpen keeping the image as close to reality as possible.

Images featured on this website offer my creative interpretation of  "Minnesota's North Shore and More" 

Enjoy the view.

Thank you for visiting. 

William Gillis 

A Detective of Nature

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