A Detective of Nature

William Gillis Photographer

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Having grown up in Central Minnesota, my parents insisted I receive a Liberal Arts education. Probably  the best advice I ever received. I earned a BA degree in American History and Secondary Education from the University of Minnesota Morris. A Liberal education allowed me to pursue many different endeavors. Generally all  were successful but a few bumpy roads altered life as I made this trip known as human experience. Life involved a wide variety of small business and artistic adventures. A trumpeter since 4th grade, music allowed me to participate in various band programs ie: U of M Morris Concert Band, 7 years with the 451st US Army band at Fort Snelling Mn., a charter member and cornetist with the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band of Red Wing Mn for the past 25 years. Yet during this time sold pharmaceuticals, (legal kind), became a pork producer, musical instrument repair instructor, Lionel toy train dealer/musical instrument repair shop owner and now with the advent of digital photography, a nature photographer. Life experiences have influenced my vision of the world through the camera lens. Who says a Liberal Arts education is not worth it in today's world?

Artist Statement

I took up photography after my wife urged me to get a hobby which now has turned into a business. Little did I know I would be swept away capturing images I wanted to preserve for myself and others. Join me and view the natural world through my camera lens.

In the beginning I was drawn to macro photography then quickly expanded to  landscapes and more recently ciityscapes. Each genre has something special to offer. Macro photography forces us to look for tiny treasures in nature often overlooked. It enlarges life in its tiniest form allowing you and I to delight in its wondrous discovery. Landscape photography helps us to understand we are just a small part of a magnificent tapestry of vibrant colors and expansive views often taking our breath away. Many of my photographs are of Minnesota"s North Shore. My wife and I are so smitten with the North Shore we bought a home there. Once a month we travel north to hunt for the next image that stirs and excites us. We view it as our photographic playground with its miles of trails, raging waterfalls and of course the many moods of Lake Superior. Lastly,  a new adventure cityscapes - images showcasing the charm, character and culture of urban landscapes that are iconic and familiar. 

Thank you and enjoy. 

William Gillis

A Detective of Nature